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Bible of Violin Making Hardcover Book

The Bible of Violin Making: From Wood To Music

The complete textbook of violinmaking. Signed book by the author.


[Please note that this book is written in Mandarin. (With LOTS of pictures!)]


Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in the most thorough guide to violin making, featuring an abundance of photographs and detailed instructions. Overcome the barriers of self-study, familiarize yourself with tools and techniques, and pursue the quest for a sublime sound.


Material Preparation and Essential Tools: Learn the intricacies of preparing materials and selecting the right tools for crafting a violin with correct specifications. From varnishing to fine-tuning, this book provides crucial insights into the essential knowledge required to create a masterpiece.


Understanding Quality and Value: Unravel the mysteries of a great violin – what makes a violin exceptional, and how to decipher the price and value. This book is a must-read for any violin enthusiast, guiding you to appreciate, evaluate, and understand the true essence of a violin.


Author's Expertise: Authored by William Lin, a distinguished Taiwanese craftsman with over a decade of experience in teaching violin making. The book introduces a new chapter, "Becoming a Violin Maker," sharing insights into the planning methods for embarking on a career or semi-professional journey in violin making.



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    Author: Tien Wei "William" Lin/ William Strings

NT$4,100 一般價格
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